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How to use a Facial Cleansing Oil

I recently saw a makeup artist using a face oil and went out and bought it right away hoping I will love it just as much as she does. It felt really nice, but my skin wasn’t a fan. What do I do with this bottle of oil now? Well, lucky for me there are many uses for these oil cleansers besides just getting rid of the makeup on your face. I used it to clean my brushes and the amount of stuff that it cleaned out was crazy!

Back to the face, I loved how the oil took out all the mascara, so I decided to try a balm too. The balm didn’t really work; I felt like it got my mascara all over the place and my eyes were burning. Then I decided to go back to the cleansing oil, but this time to learn how to properly use it. So, here’s what I was doing wrong, I used it in the shower but you have to use it with dry hands. I was also not using enough; a few pumps should do the trick.

Warm it up in your hands and give yourself a little facial massage. Wet your hands and massage again. Rinse everything off. Hold on, you aren’t done yet! Cleanse again with your regular cleanser using something gentle. This seems like too many steps, so I have decided to just save this for days that I have a lot of makeup on. 


Aline Agopian

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