Style Your Coat With These Street Style Inspirations

Nothing beats a few street style inspirations to get you all riled up over the perks of winter. And by perks, we mean having to wear opulent and dreamy coats to keep yourself warm.

With the streets packed to the gills with people flaunting their winter style, one can’t help but notice all the different variations of coats that are eyegrabbing. The coats that have been taking center stage this season are quite the statement-makers – to say the least – and we’ve acknowledged the presence of fur sensations, animal-printed styles and over-sized trench coats. The art of layering obviously plays a huge role in the styling process, as street style mavens have been the numero uno culprits and have mastered it ever-so elegantly. While some endorsers have brought some refined drama to their looks, others have made the coat-deal a bit more pared-down a lot more relaxed. But most importantly, this season’s coats have taken a more colorful approach, revealing a series of statement patterns, shiny fabrics – hello vinyl – and eye-grabbing hues.

To help you out, we’ve scoured the best street style inspirations just below!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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