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Beauty Tip of the Week – Top Make up Trends of Fall 2017

With the arrival of fall come some of the most glamorous trends with plenty of deep color intensity and texture!

Here are the top 7 trends of beauty which will definitely add a statement to your look!

1. Deep Dark Vampy lips. It explains itself. Pick hues in deep reds, burgundies, all the way to a blackish purple! These colors are sure to make a statement and give so much appeal! Keep the lips sharply defined with a compatible lip liner.

2. Intense eyeliner is definitely in and with a bigger twist than before. Think of a Brigitte Bardot inspired dark, heavy, smudged eye. Paired with a nude lip, this look is super sexy! With this trend, you can also opt for an arty more graphic eyeliner, meaning more geometric lines!

3. Metallic Textures. We are seeing these accents on eyes, lips and cheeks. This fall is about no limits with colors so you can wear your eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick of choice in your color preference with a high metallic finish. Ideally, accentuate one feature only with metallic, and not the entire face.

4. Colored eyeliner. There are no limits when it comes to how much color you can play with this year, especially with eyeliner! This year feel free to dip your eyeliner brush into the boldest of colors to give your eyes a color pop and edgy look!

5. Excess Lashes. Definitely a favorite! Whether it’s layers of mascara or some faux lashes to add more drama, thick dramatic lashes are making a huge comeback and from the looks of it, will be sticking around for a while!

6. Powder Blue Lids. A feminine yet daring trend to try, pastel baby blues are a huge hit with eye shadows this coming season. It reminds me of the 60s and 70s when a powdered blue made a feminine statement eye.

7. Glossy Eyelids. Whether it’s a no makeup-makeup look, or a deep rock chic heavy dark eye, glossing those lids up adds so much dazzle and glamor. It’s as simple as applying a tiny dab of gloss with your finger or brush, over your favorite eyeshadow.

And Voila, a simple breakdown of the top beauty trends for fall 2017!


Dana kalaoui

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