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Chopard’s Happy Hearts Honor Women with a Big Heart

In a collection that has become a true reflection of the house’s creative values entitled “Happy Hearts”, Chopard brings together love and happiness. So, it’s only natural for these playful jewelry pieces to pay tribute to every woman with a Big Heart and celebrate her through a one-of-a-kind campaign.

Middle Eastern women are at the heart of the all-new Happy Hearts campaign, and that’s why Chopard chose 10 beautiful and talented women who consider Happy Hearts  an anchor of love and luck in their journey and milestones. Taking us down a road filled with passion, success and ambition, this campaign highlights the special way in which the region’s most affluent women represent the true joyful spirit of this collection. Guided by their heart, their unique stories will inspire each and every one of us.

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Bedour Al Raqbani is filled with a love for people with special needs. Growing up with a sister with autism, this strong Emirati woman always volunteered to help children with special needs at her sister’s school. Also blessed with a deaf daughter, she has founded “Kalimati Communication & Rehabilitation Center” to reach out to other families.



As a mother of three and an Emirati entrepreneur, Basma Al Fahim proves that a woman can excel both at home and at work. She is the founder of Eventra Events, Happy Egg and food pop-up concept The Crab Shed, as well as the co-founder of The Dollhouse and Fairytales – which began operations with only three employees, and today employs more than 100 people.


Amina Taher is Etihad Aviation Group’s Vice President Corporate Affairs. She is responsible for setting the group’s global communications strategy, managing its brand, providing counsel and overseeing the group’s engagement with a number of its stakeholders. Despite her bumpy journey, this Emirati woman was driven by her passion to excel in her field.


Being a mother, wife and interior designer didn’t stop Haya Sawan from inspiring Saudi women through her social media account filled with daily motivational posts. And in her boot camp in Jeddah, she expresses her love for fitness and spreads awareness about health among the women she coaches.


As a daughter to eccentric dressing parents in Saudi Arabia, designer Nasiba Hafiz was never afraid to experiment, think outside the box and express her heart’s passion through her designs making her a pillar in Saudi Arabia’s fashion scene.


Inspired by her favorite character from Russian literature Liudmila Rutilova, Kuwaiti Najeeba Hayat decided to quit her career in political science and follow her dream as she founded her own shoe brand, Liudmila.


Sharing a passion for fashion design, Nafsika and Stephanie Skourti are behind the edgy creations of the brand Nafsika Skourti. The two Jordanian sisters built their cool and modern brand to highlight their love for great style, as well as their special sisterhood bond.


Known for her ability to turn typical shoes into perfect works of art, Kuwaiti shoe designer and entrepreneur Farah Sultan took her expertise in shoemaking to new heights by founding her brand Arnaa.


Always dreaming big and working with an even bigger heart, Jordanian leading brand consultant Shirene Rifai met huge success thanks to her self-confidence and hard work. And after working with top names in fashion and jewelry, she decided to move on and face greater challenges – which made her an amazing source of inspiration for women.

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