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Books We Love – Louis Vuitton Windows

Photo Courtesy of Assouline.com

If there is one thing we are sure about in the fashion world, it’s definitely the beauty of Louis Vuitton’s storefront windows. While passing by a Louis Vuitton store, we realize how magnetic they are and how much creativity was put in them. Well, if you were a big fan of these pieces of art like us, you will definitely like this treat.

“Louis Vuitton Windows” is a book that highlights the importance of these masterpieces. With an introduction by The New York Times fashion director and critic Vanessa Friedman, it sheds light on the thirty-five displays resulting from the genius work of creators Faye McLeod and Ansel Thompson.

Celebrating the works of art that are these magical vitrines, this oversize Ultimate Collection edition truly captures the inspiring world that is Louis Vuitton.


Mirella Haddad

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