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Beauty Tip of the Week – Color of the year is...

2018 is Ultraviolet everything!

Pantone Color of the year sets direction for all things trend, design, fashion and beauty and has set this beautiful hue as color of the year. 

In makeup, we are loving this trend as it looks good on everyone. We are talking about hues of purple with a hint of blue.

You can mattify it, gloss it, or wear it metallic...

My favorite way to wear this color is either on the eyes or the lips.

On your lips, it will definitely make a statement! Keep skin fresh and eye makeup minimal.

If you want to play up your eyes, go for a good quality pigment available at many makeup counters. I love pairing ultraviolet / purple eyeshadows with a nude lip. 

A good slick ultraviolet eye liner will look cool too! 

Some brands to look out for are NYX, Urban Decay, Kat Von D, MAC, and my current favorite Pat McGrath. You will find an awesome variety of hues so you can celebrate color of the year too. 


Dana Kalaoui

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