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Ah, the white tee. The simplest style piece that gains the most momentum to this very day. Unfortunately, this totally practical item has long been associated with a “less-than-ordinary” title – one we strongly disapprove of. But ever since designers have been using the white tee to their advantage, we’ve noticed a surge in popularity with this trend that has recently reached the hearts of fashion connoisseurs and lovers alike.

What’s even more fascinating about the white tee trend is that you don’t even have to worry about the fit, as anything will do – from the super small and sexy ones to the more large and casual ones. Below, we’ve gathered some tips on how to make them even more stylish.

  1. Pair your white tee with flared pants and add a seventies’ feel to your look.
  2. If you’re scared your white tee-meets-denim outfit looks to ordinary, just opt for a high-wasted pair of jeans and tie your tee in a knot to reveal your gorgeous abs.
  3. Ever heard of the lumberjack shirt? Yes? Well it pairs up perfectly with the white tee, giving it a bit of edge.
  4. Any look can be maximized with the right pair of heels. So imagine what it could do to your casual-tee-look. Our coup de coeur? A pair of fabulous minimalist mules.
  5. Re-route all your focus on accessories. In other words, wear bold earrings, a statement necklace perhaps, or just add a colorful belt bag to your outfit.
  6. Always remember that less is more.


Cindy Menassa

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