Take Extra Care of your Suede Shoes

Not that we’re saying your other shoes don’t need your undivided attention, but suede shoes need that extra care and all the loving you can give them, especially during winter, where they’re a regular standing base. The thing is, with frequency of wear comes a little something called “weariness”. I mean how can you, a perfectly normal human being, go on about your day without staining or marking your shoes – let alone your suede shoes? The answer is, you can’t. Not unless you have a protective spell on them. So on the off-chance you still haven’t perfected that matter, scroll below to see how you can take care of your precious suede shoes.

  1. Suede is a very delicate material. And so, while you might think you’re doing your suede shoes well, you might also be damaging them even more. That being said, make sure you clean them by hand – and only by hand.
  2. But before we jump to the cleaning process, let it be clear that your suede shoes should be protected before being worn. Meaning, apply protective spray on them that will help repel dirt and its derivatives. Also, brush your shoes with a brush after spraying them to ensure the spray’s functionality.
  3. Let’s be honest here, water will somehow find its way to your suede shoes – it’s inevitable. But what you can do here is learn how to treat them; use a dry cloth to pat the damaged area and apply talcum powder on it so it can all set overnight. Brush it all off with a suede brush the following day.
  4. Do not, in any way whatsoever, clean your suede shoes with water…you’ll only damage them further. If there’s a dry stain on your shoes, then proceed by cleaning said stain with white vinegar and brush it off with a dry cloth.

If you want to know more about keeping your shoes clean, discover here how you can also keep them intact inside and out!


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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5 Ways to Style Your Scarf

But we’re not talking about that heavy and thick scarf you wear to keep you warm. We’re talking about the kind of scarf you wear to elevate your outfit and your look – i.e. the scarf that makes your whole demure go from nay to yay in just a tiny second. Granted, your winter essentials must definitely include heavy-knit scarves, but anything along the line of trendy and practical is of good use here.

The good thing about a scarf is that it can be used in countless ways; you could tie your hair with it, choose to pull a 1950s move by tying it around your neck or could wear it the usual way, loosely. Fashion Houses such as Valentino, Hermès, Gucci and so many more, have all shown great support of this fabulous accessory, creating colorful and print-infested styles like no other! So the question is, how will you style your scarf this season? To help you out, we’ve gathered a few tried-and-tested tips to make you all swoon-worthy with scarves!

  1. Drape your scarf under the collar of your jacket, rock-chic style. This way, you won’t need to use your imagination that much, just let it hang loosely from each side.
  2. Pick a silk scarf and tie it up in a knot around your neck, à la Audrey Hepburn – and no, you don’t need to drive a convertible to do that.
  3. Looking for a way to channel your inner classic side? Turn your scarf into a Babuskha and wear it over your head by tying it underneath your chin.
  4. Use your scarf as a waist-belt and highlight your hourglass figure like a pro.
  5. Turn your scarf into a hair accessory by placing it at the back of your head and bringing the ends toward your forehead. Finally, knot the ends together in the front to create a beautiful headpiece!

But before applying these tips, check out your options in Holiday Gift Guide 2018 – Wrapped With Joy.


Article Written by Cindy Menassa

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Liven Things Up With a Belt

We all have our own rules for what suits us, what doesn’t flatter our figure and what is socially acceptable to wear. And many of us have our own fair share of standards when it comes to elevating an outfit – be it in terms of accessories or outerwear. But have you ever considered the effects of a belt on your outfit?

The latest shift in the world of belts stems from a fashion-forward need to up the ante of an outfit. While some people choose to do so with statement bags or shoes, others would much rather play it more discretely with a cute belt – of course, as long as said belt doesn’t summon your unwanted curves and bring them back into the picture. What you should keep in mind is that as long as the effect is flattering, belting your getup is more than okay. If it’s unflattering and borderline tacky, we’ve got two words for you: Abort. Mission. We’ve scoured some tried and tested tips to help you out:


  1. Tailored high wasted trousers have been filling up the industry quite fiercely. Their forte? Being upheld by one thick belt and cinching the wearer’s waist in style and elegance. We’re sold.
  2. We all know a thing or two about a suit. This season’s suit-update? The suit-dress; also known as the suit you can wear without trousers, but of course, with a waist belt. Do. Not. Forget. The. Last. Part.
  3. Corset belts are back. Just follow Alexander McQueen’s footsteps and you’re golden.
  4. Another new invention is the knotted belt – thank you Off-White! Throw it on a midi dress or a blazer and step into the world milady.
  5. But whichever belt you choose to wear, make sure it’s long enough to circle your waist. If you feel nauseous, it’s too tight.


Cindy Menassa

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Midi Skirt and Ankle Boots? Yes, Please!

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Simple Shortcuts to Chic-Town

There’s no doubt that being chic is a goal we all want to achieve – whether we care to admit it or not. No one wants to look like they’ve just come out of bed, and no one wants to be less fashionable than what they’ve pictured themselves to be. But being chic is not a magic trick; you can’t clap your hands and just expect to look magazine-cover-worthy.

And so, after careful examinations of runway trends, street style moments and of course, our Instagram feeds, it has come to our attention that sophistication comes in the little details. And here’s how:

  1. We’re going to start with the basics here. Shoes. How often have you judged someone based on his/her shoes? That said, we’ve come to find that well-polished, stylish shoes can go a long way. This season, focus on block-heeled ankle boots or shoes with metallic hues.
  2. Now bags. There are one too many trends proliferating as we speak, but perhaps the most attractive ones are the belt-bags and the shopper bags. Use these accessories to your advantage by making a statement with them.
  3. Sunglasses have always been a part of one’s “mystery factor”. Sport this season’s must-have sunnies – such as the tiny frames – and update your look in the most fashionable kind of ways.
  4. Animal prints are key. Whether they’re found in your shoes, bags, scarf or any other accessory, let the animal instinct in you lead the way.
  5. Layered necklaces can turn an outfit from nay to yay in a split second. Make sure you mix-and-match your necklaces appropriately, from the lengths to the styles and the motifs.
  6. PVC is in. Embrace it. Make use of this trend by donning PVC bags, PVC shoes or even a PVC coat!


Cindy Menassa

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Shoe Shopping for Fall – The Do’s and Don’ts

Fall season and shoe shopping come hand in hand as people change their vision of fashion as soon as the weather changes – and can you blame them really? Personally, there’s nothing as satisfying as having to adapt your wardrobe to the ever-so changing weather.

We humans are never satisfied; in winter, we seem to always be wishing that summer was just around the corner and vice versa. So we’ve come to find that the only way to overcome this “dissatisfaction” is fashion. And so, one of fashion’s most celebrated branches is the diversity of shoes. Since we all tend to be selective in our choices, picking a pair of shoes can be quite the head-scratcher if you’re already an indecisive person. So how will you remedy that fact? Below, we’ve scoured some tried-and-tested tips to get you through this process with ease.

Do consider your winter outfit. After all, no outfit is complete without a pair of solid shoes to go with it.

Don’t underestimate the power of boots. Winter is the only “appropriate” time for you to fashionably pull off boots. So the more you can wear them, the better.

Do consider the length of your boots. While you can always pick between ankle boots, knee-length or over-the-knee boots, it all depends on your figure and consequently on what you’re wearing.

Don’t forget that sneakers are always in style, no matter the season. This season, take out your dad sneakers and make a bold statement.

Do keep in mind that the colder season doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to throw out your platform sandals. The trick here is to pair them with pantyhose and you are golden!

Don’t take the practicality of leather shoes too lightly. After all, they’re one of the only materials to be very water resistant and durable during winter.


Cindy Menassa

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