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Rihanna Launches Fenty Beauty

In partnership with Kendo Brands, Rihanna launched her global makeup brand Fenty beauty in 1,600 stores across 17 countries. After much anticipation, the star unveiled her own vision of beauty, which, like all the rest of her visions in life, is ahead of the game.

Inspired by her edgy feminine style, Fenty Beauty offers a wide selection of products that work for all skin types and tones. Through her brand, Rihanna also introduces The Fenty Face, which is her real-life method of achieving killer radiance, regardless of your skin tone or your personality. “These steps are key to starting your makeup, no matter the look you’re going for. This is where the fun begins,” she says.

For her, the secret lies in the very first step of the Fenty Face which is a soft matte filter. Then, highlight the strategic glowing areas of your face and lastly, get rid of shine by blotting wherever, whenever. After all, being photoready at every moment is being shine-free, as she believes.

In addition to her rich collection, Rihanna also appointed three prestigious makeup artists to represent the brand around the world: James Kaliardos as Resident Artist, and Priscilla Ono and Hector Espinal as Global Makeup Artists.

Now are you wondering where you can find Fenty Beauty by Rihanna? Head to Sephora Middle East or visit Sephora.ae or Fentybeauty.com. But for the meantime, visit the Photo Gallery collection and choose your favorites!

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