Retouch Your Makeup like a Pro

As you leave your home in the morning, we’re sure what you love the most about your look is your fresh makeup and your glowing skin. But sadly, this refreshing look doesn’t last all day long. Think about putting your hand on your face without paying attention or resting your phone against your cheek to answer a call. So, half way through the day, you realize that your makeup needs some touch-ups, and here are a few tips to do so like a pro!

1 – Removing the excess oil for those with oily skin is essential to keep your beauty look on point and luckily for us, the beauty world has provided us with a lot of oil-blotting tissue choices. As for those with a very dry skin, make sure to be very careful while applying a tiny bit of moisturizer on the areas that start to look dry.

2 – Remove your lipstick because that’s the only thing that cannot be retouched.

3 – Smooth out your old foundation and blush using a makeup brush or sponge, then reapply foundation on the areas that started showing your skin’s imperfections.

4 – Reapply a little bit of concealer under your eyes to brighten up your skin.

5 – Set your new makeup with a really light layer of powder to give your skin a flawless finish.

6 – Does your blush need a little touch-up as well? Now that your makeup has been on your face for a while, make sure to apply just the needed amount of blush.

7 – Your eyes need some touch-ups as well, so apply another coat of mascara to freshen them up.

8 – Now that your entire look is refreshed, it’s time to apply your lipstick.


Mirella Haddad

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Looking Good with Freckles

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Considering the fact they are so trendy right now, freckles are a blessing for some women. While some don’t like them and think that they need a lot of layers of foundation in order to hide them, some others embrace them and look for tips to highlight their beauty with the right makeup products.

Since I love freckles and would like to help you find out the best ways to apply your makeup in order to show off yours, here are some tips that will put you on top of your freckle beauty game! 

  • Choose you foundation shade based on your skin tone, not the tone of your freckles. Yes, we all know that choosing a foundation that’s too dark for your skin tone is a major beauty no-no.
  • Your foundation should be of sheer coverage because yes, you’re proud of your freckles and would like to let them shine through your makeup’s base!
  • Use a glow enhancer to achieve a skin with a dewy finish.
  • Freckles make choosing the right blush hue a little bit more delicate. Our tip would be to choose one that is more on the brown side.
  • If you feel like some freckles have almost disappeared after applying your makeup, don’t hesitate to shape them up with an eyebrow pencil of the same shade.
  • For the eyes, a copper eyeshadow is very trendy and will take your charm to new levels.
  • Opt for fun colors of lipsticks or a classic red to complement your face’s freckled features.
  • Generally, liquid and creamy formulas help you avoid masking your dots. 

Are you a freckle lover but you don’t have ones? Check out how to get some faux freckles!


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Clear Skin Detox

February is a great time to clear up your skin. Let’s go over a few ways to say goodbye to pimples for the rest of the year! First and foremost, if you are a serial picker, stop! I used to spend so much time in front of the mirror playing with my face, but thankfully I kicked the habit years ago after noticing how horrible the scarring was on my skin. I also used to think that I didn’t need to wash my face in the morning, but now I make sure to wash it morning and night; a clean face is a happy face.
Stop using harsh soaps and other products that make you break out; keep it simple and water based.
Remove dead skin by exfoliating regularly.
Do get your bi monthly facials if possible and you will notice a huge difference.
If using new products, try a sample first to make sure you don’t have a negative reaction.
Make sure your diet doesn’t include fried foods and too much sugar.
Of course, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep.
Try to follow these rules not because you have to, but because you want to take care of yourself.
This last one is probably the easiest to follow: don’t wear make-up! Give your face a break! As they say, let your skin breathe. 


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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Essential Oils, Natural Skincare Wonders

Have you ever thought of using nothing but natural remedies for your skin? Well, we did and it turns out that Mother Nature offers so many wonders that leave us no choice but to be thankful. Essential oils are one of its greatest offerings, se we’ve decided to tell you about some really useful ones.

Those who think that essential oils are mostly used by perfumers have never read the ingredients featured in the formula of a skincare product. In fact, every essential oil has its own benefits and here’s what our research led to!

Lavender essential oil works like magic when it comes to healing skin irritations, no matter the skin type. Also ideal for all skin types is geranium oil, which balances oil production so it wouldn’t hurt to add it to your usual moisturizer.

Other skin problems can be treated using essential oils as well. While frankincense essential oil fights aging signs and helps skin cell regeneration and pigmentation, ylang ylang is great for treating oily and acne prone skin. Speaking of acne, it can be as difficult to treat as large pores, so lemongrass essential oil can be used for both as a toner and believe us, the results won’t let you down!

Tea tree essential oil has a world of its own. Its countless benefits include antifungal and antibacterial properties – which make it ideal for acneic and oily skin, besides its ability to treating minor cuts and scrapes.

Want an essential oil that cleanses your skin? Dilute a little bit of juniper oil in water and let it work its magic. 

The list goes on and on; from clary sage essential oil that fights aging signs while reducing puffiness, to neroli oil that treats devitalized, mature and sensitive skin types and when mixed with avocado oil, it can fight stretch marks. So, whenever you run out of your favorite skincare product, always know that nature’s got your back!

If you wish to know all about argan oil, check out our feature “What Are the Beauty Benefits of Argan Oil?”


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Fresh Products Review

We are so obsessed with Fresh products, whether it’s their lip products, candles or skincare. 

We were all familiar with their Soy Cleanser, but something new we recently tried was the Vitamin Nectar Moisture Glow Face Cream. Although I always stress the importance of using a light serum rather than a thick moisturizer that may be too heavy for sensitive skin types, my face was just begging for moisture. I love that Fresh uses natural ingredients but combines them with the knowledge of today’s technology. As soon as I applied the Vitamin Nectar Moisture Glow Face Cream, I could have sworn I heard a whisper of “thank you” from you skin. Usually a moisturizer this light doesn’t hydrate enough, but somehow this does the trick and can even be used on oily skin. I love the citrus scent and the boost of Vitamin C is sure to take you from dull to glowing instantly. 

If you read our article “An End to Chapped Lips”, you know that we are always on the hunt for lip treatments. This was definitely new to us and we are all obsessed. FRESH Sugar Wonder Drops Lip Primer is basically a little drop of oil you put on your lips that instantly makes it hydrated and ready for your favorite lip product. How many times are you in the middle of doing your make up and then get to your lips and think “oh no! My lipstick is going to look terrible with my dry lips!” What you need to do is just apply this before your makeup, so once the makeup is done, by the time you reach the lipstick step, your lips are ready to go! 


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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How Can Your Makeup Turn Back the Clock

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Every woman wishes for time to stand still, because let’s admit it, no one likes to see wrinkles and lines that remind them that time is flying. With this in mind, we always feel the urge to take care of our beauty in order to look as young as ever!

In addition to a good and efficient skincare routine, your makeup can do wonders. Yes, that routine that takes 10 minutes of our time can turn back the clock and hide everything that reminds us – or others – of our age. Here are a few tricks that actually work. 

  • Aging makes our face more asymmetrical, so avoid plucking your eyebrows frequently, just clean up the obvious hairs every once in a while.
  • Moisturizing your skin can make it look more youthful. Nothing like a dry and dull skin can reveal your age, so adding a moisturizer to your makeup pouch is a must.
  • As we age, we tend to have more to conceal. Therefore, we need to replace our ordinary concealer with a highly-efficient one. Also, we should choose a liquid product rather than a wax based one because it doesn’t seep into lines.
  • With age, you need to make your skin look warmer and that’s what a yellowish foundation is made for. Yes, that’s one of the most important secrets to a younger-looking skin. And it’s also important to know how to apply the foundation so, wet your sponge and after squeezing out the water, use it to apply the product on your face in dabbing motions. This is your way to get  sheer coverage.
  • Since heavy powder formulas make you look older, try to use creamy products that provide your skin with moisture and keep it fresh. Speaking of powder, avoid using a tinted one to set your makeup because it will only make your look heavier.
  • Curling your eyelashes is essential as they tend to flatten as you age. This will surely make your eyes look brighter, even if you skip mascara.
  • About your eye makeup, replace your black eyeliner with a brown one and don’t be afraid to use eyeshadows that are slightly shimmery in order to add radiance to your look.
  • For the lips, stick to nudes because as your lips – especially the upper one – get smaller with age, dark and vibrant colors won’t enhance your beauty. Also make sure to avoid creamy formulas.

 Wondering how to make your lipstick last longer? Find out here.


Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Switching to Cream Blush

I’ve always been a no powder foundation kind of girl, except when it came to blush. If you look in my makeup collection there are plenty of powder blushes that I have experimented with. Somehow, lately, I felt like I just wasn’t finding the right shade. I realized it was time to make the switch, not from coral to pink or light to dark but from powder to cream. I always thought of cream blushes as a more of a mature thing. I remember my mom telling me about how my grandmother would apply her lipstick on her cheeks, what a great hack right? I do have dry skin which is another great reason to switch over. Cream blushes have come a long way. Many are a bit lighter like a blush tint rather than a cream. I loved the NARS Orgasm powder blush in High School but now I feel like it kind of sits in my pores. I was happy to discover that they had the same shade in a stick called NARS The Multiple. Tarte Cheek Stain in Exposed is also a good one over no-makeup skin for the perfect glow. If you have oily skin I don’t recommend a cream blush, but for us dry-skinned gals, it’s definitely a game changer. 


Article Written by Aline Agopian

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