Keep Your Skin Moisturized This Winter

Although winter weather gives you a feeling of coziness, it can cause serious damage to your skin. Just like the sun, the cold harsh weather can make your skin look and feel dry, unhealthy and lacking radiance. So, it’s very important to take into consideration the moisturizing effect of the skincare product you’re switching to this season.

Of course, you should always drink a lot of water. No matter how important the texture of the skincare products you’re using is, nothing can beat the effect of water on your body and skin. As for your beauty regimen, think about switching to products with richer texture. For instance, replace your usual face cream with a serum or a product with a rich texture and your body cream with oil or body butter.

Are you wondering what makes serums or oils different than a normal moisturizing cream? If your moisturizing cream is not very rich in texture, serums and oils penetrate deeply into your skin to increase your skin’s radiance, smoothness and suppleness while providing it with antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. However, that doesn’t mean that other creams fail in providing your skin with the right amount of winter care. With this in mind, we have gathered a list of the most moisturizing skincare products out there.

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Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Charming Nails for Winter

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This winter, think of a new challenge to take on when it comes to your beauty needs. What if you decide to explore the charm of dark nail colors? Sounds tempting, right? In fact, if there is anything bolder and more sophisticatedthan wearing black, it would definitely be opting for black or any other dark nail polish to reflect the coziness of this wonderful season.

However, to pull of dark hues on your nails, you need to follow some golden rules. The most important one would be to keep your nails short in order to take the elegance of your style to new levels. Your nail shape doesn’t matter; whether you go for a faux carré or for a round shape, your nicely trimmed nails will never fail to reflect your fine taste and fashionable style.

One thing that stands out this season is the metallic trend. Yes, even metallic nail polish colors are trendy! From brown to navy, black, red and other hues, you will surely find something to your liking. Just think about picking the color that best reflectsyour personality. And for those of you who don’t like sparkling shades, our list will also give you some options that will feed your love for beauty. Check them out below!

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Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Your 5 Essentials for Daily Makeup

Being a woman who takes care of her beauty, you probably would never leave your house without putting some makeup on – and to be honest, that’s how it should be! Yet, sometimes running out of time is the main reason for skipping this step. But we have found the solution for you.

For your everyday makeup, you don’t need to apply primer and foundation. Following a healthy and efficient skincare routine will be enough to allow you to use nothing but a concealer as needed. And to define your face, a tinted brow gel that will keep your eyebrows in place all day and make them look fuller will do the job.

On another note, no makeup – even the simplest one – can be complete without a few strokes of mascara to make your eyelashes look voluminous and dramatic. Pair your look with some bronzer on your forehead, cheeks and nose and show off your pout with a nice nude hue of lipstick and you’re all set! Honestly, can your daily makeup be any simpler?

Visit the Photo Gallery to take a look at the products we chose for you.


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Let’s Take Care of That Hair

As a woman who cares about her beauty, we’re sure you know that your hair also needs pampering every once in a while. Just like your skincare routine, haircare is an important beauty element even if you treat yourself to a weekly visit to the hair salon for professional help.

From serums to leave-in conditioners, masks and styling creams, your hair is a treasure to be appreciated. Keeping it nourished, shiny and healthy will make you look younger and make it easier for you to style. Whether yours is sleek or curly, you should keep in mind that providing it with the best care routine is a must, especially if you blow-dry it constantly and expose it to heat and sun.

Therefore, we have decided to narrow down a list of the best hair treatments out there you can use at home. Visit the Photo Gallery and choose your must-have – or must-haves!


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The Classic Nail Colors Every One of Us Should Own

No matter how bold our beauty choices get sometimes, we should always have some classic options to opt for when in need. Whether it’s just a normal day or we are attending a formal event that calls for classic beauty choices, our mission as fashionable and sophisticated women is to be ready for whatever comes our way. Just like a nude lipstick and a neutral eye palette, a few classic nail colors are a must-have in our beauty pouch.

What are they? From a selection of nudes to a pale pink and a sheer white, every woman has to own these nail essentials. And if you are a fan of the pearly effect, you can still choose a pink or a white shade with a subtle shine. Therefore, in order to cater to all your needs, we have decided to help you with a list of the most covetable classic nail polishes out there. Visit the Photo Gallery and check them out!


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What Are This Season’s Trendiest Eyeshadows?

While your whole makeup bag is turning into an autumn haven, have you thought about what the trendiest eyeshadow colors for the season are? Every year, fall comes with a big list of favorites and this time around, we’re going to find out together the latest trends in eyeshadows.

In fact, this year has witnessed unexpected color palettes that include greys and reds such as CHANEL, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana and many more. In Dior’s case, vibrant orange proudly took the lead – leaving us no choice but to celebrate the season with a fiery color. And while Tarte went wild with a range of sparkling hues for the eyes, Too Faced charmed us with the beauty of pastels in its Peaches & Cream collection.

If you think that’s all we’ve got for you, you are absolutely wrong! Join us in the Photo Gallery to take a look at this season’s most covetable eyeshadow palettes.


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Indulge in Fall with These Nail Colors

Photo Courtesy of CHANEL

Fall is just around the corner, which means that not only your skincare routine and makeup bag are about to undergo some serious changes, but also your nail polish colors. For your nails, you most probably would like to opt for darker colors or hues that remind you of this cozy season.

What caught our attention this year is Dior’s Fall 2018 makeup collection, which used orange as a way to immerse us even more in Autumn’s charm. However, if you are not a big fan of daring colors, other brands have offered us fall classics such as smoke reds, plums and nudes.

With something for every woman, we bet all tastes will be satisfied – from the most classic ones to the most audacious. So, are you ready to give your nail polish collection a fall update? Visit the Photo Gallery and take a look at the hues we chose for you!


Mirella Haddad

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