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For the Love of Pendants

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Pendants are most probably the most elegant yet simple way to take your look to the next level. A pendant necklace simply consists of a chain and a motif, and as subtle as it seems, this piece remains one of the essentials in every woman’s jewelry box.

How to choose a pendant that goes with almost everything you wear? First of all, a pendant goes with most of your tops thanks to its subtle style, and the fact that you can choose a short chain makes it ideal for almost every neckline you opt for. Also, when choosing a pendant necklace that completes each and every one of your looks, you might want to make sure it doesn’t include colors – or if it does, the colors should be neutral or barely there in order not to affect your choice of outfit.

Are you wondering what makes this style of necklaces more versatile than ever? It is definitely the endless possibilities of pulling them off. In fact, you can either choose to hang the motif on a short chain and keep your style subtle or a long one to make a stunning sautoir out of it. You can also stack this charming creation with other similar ones and be on top of your jewelry game.

Have we got you excited for this wonderful piece to land in your jewelry box? So scroll down to check out the best pendant necklaces out there!

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Article Written by Mirella Haddad

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Meet Dior’s Rose Céleste: L’Éclipse

A new animation comes to life at the heart of Dior Joaillerie, also known as L’Eclipse. Designed by Creative Director Victoire de Castellane, the new animation draws inspiration from the garden of the Les Rhumbs villa at Granville, Christian Dior’s childhood home.

And so, the two iconic bodies of the Rose Céleste medallion bring out the best of the designer’s creativity, revealing a majestic yellow gold sun shaped into mother-of-pearl and reminiscent of the ever-so iconic eclipse. The latter is also beautifully embellished with nine different-sized rays meticulously placed on one side, while the other side gives way to an onyx disc, set with a mother-of-pearl moon and three stars in white gold.

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