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Experience Hermès Time

Hermès let its imagination run wilder than ever and creates a space that gives you the opportunity to experience time in a very special way.

Yes, one click allows you to lose yourself in Hermès time. Depending on where you are and what time of the day it is, a different experience awaits you. From Tokyo to Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Honolulu and Lisbon, the French house immerses you in a digital journey like no other.

Many artists took part in this challenge, with director and filmmaker Tao Tajima transforming our daily life’s landscapes through lighting effects in Tokyo, visionary video artist Phoebe Cheng getting inspired by the heart of her animated city, Hong Kong, set designer and art director Rachel Thomas using her unique skills to create unexpected stories in London, video director Ari Fararooy reinterpreting places in a surrealist manner by juxtaposing elements of real life with visual effects in Los Angeles, experimental animation specialist Lucy Dyson taking us in a fascinating journey to a fantasy world in Honolulu and finally, director, illustrator, editor and animator Jeronimo Rocha expressing his taste for visual narrative by sharing with us all the energy of Lisbon city.

Care to experience time à la Hermès? Visit

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Van Cleef & Arpels Blends Savoir-Faire and Creativity in Lady Arpels Zodiac Lumineux

As part of its Poetic Astronomy watch collection, Van Cleef & Arpels explored the zodiac in the most feminine of ways. The French watchmaking house has always made us dream through a simple glance at its timepieces and this time around, the decision to enrich this collection with 12 feminine watches was a blessing to every woman watch enthusiast. And behind these 12 watches, lies the secret of savoir-faire and creativity – values always cherished by the house, whether in jewelry or watchmaking.

What makes these watches spellbinding is a phenomenon known as piezoelectricity. Object of study since the 18th century, the latter was exclusively developed for Van Cleef & Arpels and refers to the capacity of certain materials to accumulate an electric charge when subjected to mechanical constraints. Are you wondering how this phenomenon works in these watches? We will tell you all about it! Under the effect of the timepiece’s movement, the piezoceramic blade’s vibration allows the mechanical generation of electrical energy, which is then used to supply from four to six LEDs for about three seconds at the press of a button.

This video not only shows you the movement of the watches, but also the one-of-a-kind aesthetic of every Lady Arpels Zodiac Lumineux dial. The symbolic zodiac signs are adorned with white or yellow gold, precious stones and enamel – making them true bejeweled works of art.

After watching the mesmerizing video, head to the Photo Gallery to check out the stunning collection.

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Express Your Happiness with Chopard’s Happy Hearts

What could express your happiness more than a laughter or a smile? It certainly is a jewelry piece but not any jewelry piece, it’s Chopard’s Happy Hearts. Playful, iconic and so very joyful, this collection is a talisman of happiness that accompanies you through a bracelet, a ring, an earring or a pendant.

For Chopard, the heart is all about the radiance of happy days, playfully reinterpreted in this collection through enchanting creations that draw a smile on the face of every woman who loves to wear jewelry pieces with a message. So what if it was a message of love and joy? Like a heart, this collection is bursting with vitality, welcoming novelties that never cease to amaze us and resulting in a wide selection of variations to suit every taste.  

Whether paired with a formal look or a stylish outfit, every Happy Heart jewelry piece is set to make your heart skip a beat and draw a smile on your face. Join us in the Photo Gallery to get inspired on how to style your Happy Hearts pieces. And remember, happiness is the essence of living!


Happy Hearts earclips, necklace, ring and bangle in rose gold and turquoise
Happy Hearts bangles in rose gold and white gold with opal and diamonds

Happy Sport watch in rose gold with 5 moving diamonds


Happy Hearts earrings, necklace and bangle in rose gold with malachites
Happy Hearts pendant and bangle in rose gold and green agate
Happy Hearts bangles in rose gold mother of pearl and tiger eyes
Happy Sport watch in rose gold with 5 moving diamonds


Happy Hearts pendant and ring in rose gold and mother of pearl 
Happy Hearts earrings in rose gold and diamonds 
A selection of Happy Hearts bangles

Happy Sport watch in rose gold and stainless with diamonds


Happy Hearts earrings, pendant and bracelet in rose gold and tiger eyes


Happy Hearts necklaces in rose gold, mother of pearl and diamonds
Happy Hearts ring in rose gold and diamonds

Happy Sport watch in rose gold and stainless with 5 moving diamonds
A selection of Happy Hearts bangles
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Santos de Cartier Campaign Stars Jake Gyllenhaal

Cartier has finally revealed its new Santos de Cartier campaign and it is as fabulous as one would expect. The 60-second film directed by Seb Edwards and starring actor Jake Gyllenhaal, is a tribute to the aviator Santos-Dumont and celebrates the latter’s thrill-seeking spirit.

Indeed, the pioneering aviator was a friend of Louis Cartier, whose life was devoted to the magic of flying and the thrill of adventure. And so, his story is counted through a 60-second film that boasts Seb Edwards’ unabashed talent.

“I wanted to create a Fellini-style fantasy world to tell the thrilling story through the eyes of Cartier, in the most immediate way possible. I tried to capture the spirit of Alberto Santos-Dumont and his obsession with flight, speed and danger. I like to imagine what his dreams might have looked like... and come up with some wild imagery, a kind of abstract fantasy,” stated Seb Edwards. 

The award-winning British photographer instills the film with his powerful signature, alongside an artistic collaboration with American actor and producer Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Chanel Introduces a New J12∙XS

Sporty, practical, stylish and understated… this is the best way to describe any J12∙XS timepiece, and the new version of the latter is even more proof that Chanel is still on top if its game. This time around, the famed French house will offer you a jewelry-inspired J12∙XS, with an unrivalled stylish flair that will simply draw the attention to your wrist.

The new J12∙XS brings the sporty feel of white or black high-tech ceramic and steel together with the sparkle of brilliant-cut diamonds. The result is a day watch that exceeds any woman’s expectations of a timepiece. It’s surely not your average day pick; it’s Chanel!

After exploring the J12∙XS through the video, visit the Photo Gallery below and choose your favorite.

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La D de Dior’s Universe Expands

La D de Dior has made its way to every woman’s heart in no time. It has become a timepiece that evokes simplicity through its design, finesse through its size and playfulness through its color variations.

Every year, this coveted collection witnesses the addition of new designs and this year was no exception. The new additions are designs that – like any other La D de Dior timepiece – have a fresh character of their own. Watch the video and get swooned by Victoire de Castellane’s reinventions.

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It’s Time for IWC to Talk to Olga Kurylenko

Best known for her 2008 role as bond girl “Camille” in “James Bond – Quantum of Solace”, Olga Kurylenko has made quite a name for herself in the world of cinema. And now the Ukranian actress takes part in IWC Schaffhausen’s #IWCTalksTo series.

With IWC’s Portofino Automatic 37 timepiece adorning her wrist, she tells us how her career started, what she likes about acting and much more. Watch the video and discover Olga Kurylenko…

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